Mill Creek Gifts Specializes in unique gifts, seashells, custom jewelry, OBX souvenirs and Christmas items.


Established in 1997.

Mill Creek is the inlet north of the old village of Avon, NC where the mill used to operate. Growing up & playing on mill creek and watching the fishermen bringing in their early morning catch into the village harbor in old wooden fish boxes spurned an idea of creating a quality gift shop in the modern world with a touch of the old history of the village that has blessed so many.

Meet the Business Owner

Verna A. Business Owner

Verna, born and raised on Hatteras Island established Mill Creek Gifts as a Quality oriented gift shop that has a touch of the old, small village island life. Developing a sharp eye for quality gifts and souvenirs, Verna created a unique environment in her store with a touch of antiquities and love for nautical/Island Decor.